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Epoxy options

Reflector Enhancerâ„¢

Epoxy is becoming the mostly widely used material for designer flooring. There are a few different ways epoxy can be used for flooring.

One way is with Reflector Enhancerâ„¢, making a marble look.

Another is with Flakes or Quartz. Perfect for garage floors or commercial buildings.  

Epoxy can also simply be used as a clear top coat for any type of interior flooring we offer.

Other Epoxy options are countertops and Bar tops. Solid colors, Reflector or simply using it as a clear coat. The options are endless with this incredibly versatile material.

Reflector Enhancerâ„¢ is the mostly used epoxy additive from Elite Crete Systems. It is offered in many different colors and combinations. It is completely seamless and shiny. 

Flakes & Quartz

Epoxy with Flakes is the most popular selection for garages and industrial flooring. This is the strongest and easiest to clean flooring option. The color options are endless with these custom flake floors. Epoxy with Quartz is widely used in medical offices and hospitals.